November 26, 2008

Could be a hugest sale?

Tomorrow is the Thanksgiving Day, then Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming! After Thanksgiving this year seems to be the hugest in past 4 years to me. Don't you think so (everyone in CT)? Many stores make a huge sale not be it in an average year because of the bad time(?), and some are new to me.

1. Bed Bath & Beyond
-I got a $10 off coupon by mail.
-20% off entire purchase: shop in store 6-10am, on Friday 28th

2. William Sonoma
"For every $50 you spend on merchandise in our stores between
November 28 and 30, you'll receive a $10 coupon to redeem when the holiday
festivities are over―and a new season of cooking and entertaining has begun."

3. Homegoods
I got a $20 off coupon by mail.

4. Some stores like Gymboree (kids' clothes) start to discount online on Thanksgiving Day before After Thanksgiving Sale at their stores.

5. For past a week, I got a bunch of email something like "Sale starts NOW!".

6. Most online stores offer "Free Shipping" between now and just before Christmas Day.

Anyway, they're good for us, consumers. I'll get baby clothes and my kitchen gadgets. I don't go far a way. I'll be around here. We're invited "Thanksgiving Party", otherwise, we will go shopping and stay home.

BTW, I'm interested in "Linens'n Things" but I haven't been there. Now they're going out of business. I'll go there.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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